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Students to cross Iceland with Multimat

15th July 2015 by Multimat

Multimat is supporting 11 students from Great Britain who are undertaking a gruelling 23-day challenge to cross Iceland from its northern-most to its southern-most points.

The group, from the Oxford University Officer Training Corps, will be trekking 450km, carrying all their food and equipment on their backs across the inhospitable volcanic terrain. They expect to have to traverse powerful rivers and encounter heavy rain and strong winds with little shelter in the stark landscape.

The students, who attend Oxford University, Oxford Brookes University, University of Buckingham, University of Reading and the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, will start close to the Arctic Circle from Rifstangi and trek south to Kötlutangi.

To aid them during this challenging expedition, Multimat has supported the trip by providing each student with an Adventure Air sleeping mat.

Company Underofficer Alastair Graves, an Engineering Masters student from Oxford University, said: “It’s always struck me as an amazing country and somewhere I’d love to see.

“It will be a real challenge. We’re aiming to trek for around eight hours each day but, with 20 hours-a-day of daylight at this time of year, we’ll have the flexibility to keep going for much longer if we fall behind schedule. We’re prepared for heavy rain and very strong winds which are typical of Icelandic summers.

“On behalf of all of the team members, thanks to Multimat for their support in this expedition.”

Multimat MD Adrian Stammers, added: “The major challenge facing them will be carrying all their kit, including food. Consequently, weight reduction and compactness were the key considerations in finding the right mat for them.

“The Adventure Air weighs just 430g and rolls up to 240mm x 80mm so it can easily be stashed in a backpack. But it is also made from 75 denier rip-stop polyester which gives it the sort of durability they’ll need in rocky, volcanic landscapes. And the 70mm air cushion will provide welcome relief after a hard day trekking.

“From everyone at Multimat, we wish them all the very best of luck.”


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