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Film maker Matt sets off to cross Siberia with Multimat

28th June 2015 by Multimat

Explorer and international film maker Matt Traver has just set off on the first stage of a 10,000km solo expedition across Siberia - with Multimat in support.

The 29-year-old Anglo-American will be travelling by foot, by Packraft and by skis, from the geographical centre of Asia through Russia and the central Asian republics, meeting local people and filming as he goes.

He will endure sub-zero conditions, sail down ice-packed rivers, cross 15,000 foot mountain ranges - with active volcanoes among them - and crave human company in one of the most vast yet most sparsely populated places on Earth.

Throughout, he will be depending on his two Mutimats - an Adventure 25S and a Superlite 8 foam mat which he’ll use together.

And he will not only be sleeping on them but also using them to provide vital insulation from the icy Siberian rivers as he travels down them in his Packraft.

“I’ve used Multimat products for years, specifically the Adventure series, and always found them extremely durable and well-built, so they were what I was after for my expedition,” said Matt.

“Adrian Stammers, the MD at Multimat, helped me select the specific products most suited to the challenges they will be facing - I think his expertise will prove invaluable.

“I’m used to sleeping on hard ground although the cushioning of the mats will reduce that. Where they will be vital, however, is in providing thermal insulation. This will not only be important when sleeping but also when travelling in the Packraft.

“This very useful lightweight boat was developed in Alaska. You can roll it up and pack it and it weighs just 3.5kg so I’ll be able to carry it when I’m not using it. But the flip side is that a craft of that size offers hardly any thermal insulation.

“Floating down Siberian rivers which will be barely above freezing … I could get very cold very quickly. So the mats will be vital in the boat.”

Matt will undertake the Crossing Siberia expedition in several stages, breaking off after each stint to return home to London and edit the footage of his journey.

The first stage, from Kyzyl in the Russian Tuva Republic, near the border with Mongolia, will take him 1,200km by foot and by Packraft to Irkutsk on Lake Baikal in October.

He will return to Lake Baikal to start the second stage in April 2016 when the lake thaws, this time travelling east by river and foot through the Yablonoi Mountains to the Pacific coast at Okhotsk.

Meanwhile, a London-based production company will be showing off the pilot episode of his series at international film festivals and pitching it as a series to global TV companies.

Adrian Stammers, MD of Multimat, said: “It’s a fascinating expedition and one full of countless challenges so we’re delighted to be supporting Matt.

“I’m confident that our products will do their job and help protect him from the frozen ground and the icy rivers. We discussed them carefully with Matt and, having used them for years, he certainly knows what to expect.”

Overall, Matt hopes to complete the epic trek in around four years. And Multimat will be with him all the way.


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