Our specialist Superlite sleeping mats are among the lightest in the world. They are both ultra-light and ultra-compact, designed for competitive challenges and for backpackers for whom every ounce counts. To reach our goals we have used hi-tec materials that enable us to provide the right balance of quality, reliability and weight reduction.

These Superlite camping mats are made in Britain from ultra-light polyolefin foam. The smallest foam mat in the range weighs just 100g so you’d hardly notice you were carrying it. And they come complete with eyelets and light-weight webbing attached.

The self-inflating Superlite sleeping mats also offer a range of lengths and thicknesses to give you the choice of the best balance for you. The drilled lightweight foam core still provides full inflation but there is also an Easyvalve to enable you to inflate by mouth should you be racing against the clock.

Despite being so small and light, all the foam and self-inflating mats in this range are suitable for camping out all year-round except in the harshest weather. The self-inflating mats fold up small enough to fit into a pocket but more compact and lighter still is the inflatable mat in the Superlite range which rolls up to the size of a packet of biscuits.

Nevertheless, all self-inflating and inflatable Superlite camping mats come with their own stuff sack for ease of carriage. We believe if you are looking for ultra-lightweight camping gear, our Superlite range is the best available.