The mats in our Expedition and Advance Camp ranges are designed for professionals who are planning to camp in extreme conditions

Professional expeditions need the very best equipment to ensure they have every chance of success in the gruelling challenges they face.

Multimat has a proud history of equipping numerous expeditions to the four corners of the Earth, in some of the most extreme and inhospitable conditions on the planet. From Everest to the two Poles and from the hottest deserts to the frozen lakes, mats from our Expedition and Advance Camp ranges have played a key role, not just in the teams’ success but in their very survival.

At Multimat, we know expeditions depend on their kit working properly and we ensure ours is made to the very highest standards to ensure quality and reliability.

We also understand the different needs of expeditions and design our products to fit these requirements. For instance, for Base Camp on Everest, most expeditions will stay for several days, weeks or even months. Their mountain sleeping mats need to last this long but as they aren’t going to be moved on a regular basis can afford to be heavier for better comfort, thermal insulation and robustness.

Compare this with an expedition across Antarctica where the mats have to be transported every day. These need to be relatively lightweight sleeping mats, designed with weight and size balanced against durability and comfort.

We are always happy to talk to expeditions about their precise needs and recommend the right combinations of mats. We also value their feedback which is crucial in helping us develop our products.

And we must be doing something right because they keep coming back year after year for more mats. Just take a look at some of the expeditions we’ve sponsored.

So whether you are after a lightweight sleeping mat or a mountain sleeping mat or something in between, we’d recommend you call us first on 01685 350011 or email us.


Our Expedition mats are the first choice of those on unsupported expeditions in some of the  most difficult conditions on Earth and they are deisgned to provide the right balance of weight reduction, compactness and warmth for different circumstances.

advance camp

Our Advance Camp mats rare custom-made for professional, supported expeditions to your specifications. But don't forget, we have plenty of experience ourselves and are delighted to offer advice.