Inflatable Mats

Camper Air CMI-3 Marine Blue MoD and Apple Green flat


Compact, inflatable sleep mattresses.

It’s such an obvious idea isn’t it? Bed down on a pillow of air and you’re bound to get a good night’s sleep. But it’s only relatively recently that materials have been developed that make this idea truly practical.

Blow up beds have been around for many years but they have been heavy and cumbersome, needed an industrial scale pump to inflate them and were then prone to leaks and punctures. But recent advances in material technology have enabled us to produce inflatable sleeping mats that overcome these problems with flying colours.

They are made from tough and rip-resistant materials that can be used thinly enough to make an incredibly light and compact piece of kit. Some of Multimat’s inflatable sleeping mats roll up to the size of a packet of biscuits - and weigh even less!
They still have to be very well made, however, to make sure they last and we use only top quality materials - including the valves - and we use a very careful manufacturing process.

The finished result is truly impressive; a series of very light, very compact inflatable sleeping mats that lend themselves to mobile campers, from backpackers to people taking part in competitive challenges. And, unlike the old fashioned blow up beds, they are quick and easy to inflate and can be deflated, folded and rolled up in seconds.

The only problem you’ll have is to remember to pack your mat as it is so small and light you’ll not notice it’s there.


Our entry level inflatable mat is light and compact and offers superb value for money. Blow it up in seconds and enjoy a great night's sleep


The inflatable mats in our Adventure range are compact, lightweight and durable making them ideal for global backpackers.


The Superlite inflatable mat is one of the lightest ever made, making it a must for ultra-lightweight campers and competitors in outdoor events,