Foam Mats

Premium CM range flat
Original closed-cell foam roll mats. Made in Great Britain, just for you!

There are several different types of sleeping mat for outdoor use but the most common are foam sleeping mats and they feature in each of the Multimat ranges.

These can be made of different sorts of foam and vary in shape, in the sleeping area they offer, in the thickness of the mat, in their thermal insulation qualities and in their durability.

All Multimat foam mats, are designed for specific purposes by balancing their lightness with their durability and their comfort. Those designed for backpackers and others who will be carrying their gear around with them will be lighter and easier to roll and pack.

Foam sleeping mats designed for “car camping” holidays will be heavier and may even be double in size while mats designed for base camps on expeditions will not only be heavier but tougher too.

Some are aimed at campers from spring to autumn while others are also warm enough to use throughout the year in the UK. And some are specifically designed to be used in combination with self-inflating mats, providing additional comfort and protection. All our foam mats are designed to be non-absorbant but others have different finishes to make them tougher or non-slip.

The prices (rrp) of foam mats vary from just £8 to more than £50. We suggest you browse through them below or consider your particular needs; are you a camper (or glamper), an enthusiast or a professional? Our site is designed to help you find the right Multimat for you but if you need more help please don’t hesitate to email us for advice.


Our foam Camper mats, come in different thicknesses and different widths and are among the best bargains on the market.


Our foam Trekker mats are suitable for use all year-round because they provide strength, durability, comfort and warmth.


If you're looking for warmth and cushioning from the cold, hard ground, the foam mats in our Premium range will provide just what you need.


Our Adventure foam mats are compact, durable and ideal for global backpacking


Our foam Expedition mats provide vital thermal insulation in the coldest places on Earth and also an extra layer of protection when used under our self-inflating mats. There is a range of sizes and all feature eyelets and webbing for east packing and carriage.

advance camp

The foam mats in our Advance Camp range are custom-made but the example below shows what can be done.