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Our mats for enthusiasts - experienced campers with more specialist needs - include our Trekker All Seasons, Adventure and Superlite ranges

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and a regular or specialist camper, our Trekker, Adventure and Superlite ranges of camping mat will cover your needs.

If you are camping out all year round you need more than just a good sleeping bag. A good thick mat with excellent thermal insulation properties is essential and every foam and self-inflating camping mat in our Trekker range offer that.

They are heavy-duty mats, designed to be robust and durable and to have a longer life-expectancy than most camping mats.

If, however, you are on the move and will be carrying you mat and other kit with you, the Multimat Adventure range is likely to be more suitable for you. These foam and self-inflating mats take the tough, rugged principles of the Trekker range and introduce another quality – weight reduction.

They have been carefully designed for mobile campers, by reducing weight without drastically reducing warmth or comfort and by ensuring they can be tightly rolled and packed to take up less space.

But if you’re looking to further reduce weight and space, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can get a good night’s sleep in just a sleeping bag – a mat to cushion you from the ground is essential. Our Superlite range offers the solution by taking weight reduction to the extreme.

These are designed for those campers for whom weight and space reduction is vital. As such they are hugely popular with people taking part in competitive challenges, such as the Marathon des Sables. That said, if your backpack is already getting full and heavy, look no further!


Our Trekker range of good quality, durable foam and self-inflating mats are designed for use all year-round and come in a range of thicknesses to let you choose between size and comfort.


The Adventure range of foam, self-inflating and inflatable mats are light, durable and compact and designed for lightweight campers, such as backpackers, who need to reduce the weight and bulk they carry.


Our Superlite mats use hi-tec materials to get the right balance of quality, reliability and weight reduction to help those for whom every ounce counts.