Blonde girl in tent , Multimat Premium
All sorts of campers, from families to festival-goers or backpackers, will find the comfort they are looking for in our Camper 3 Seasons and Premium ranges

Our Camper and Premium ranges of camping mattress are produced for those who may be either experienced or first time campers who value their comfort when spending a night under the stars.

They may be family campers or festival goers or even backpackers who want a camping mattress that cushions them from the cold hard ground and keeps them warm.

The products in our Camper range do just that with foam, self-inflating and inflatable camping mattresses of different thicknesses and different widths including double sized.

They are all well-made mats and won’t let you down when you most need them and our entry-level mats are among the cheapest on the market.

The Premium range is made of top quality materials and offers a range of thicknesses and sizes to bring a touch of glamping to the great outdoors. As such, these mats are made for comfort rather than lightness or toughness. By keeping you warm and cushioned from the ground they’ll help you get a good night’s sleep and are suitable for sleeping outdoors at any time of year.

The lighter mats in each of these two ranges are also perfect for backpacking when space and weight are at a premium.

So whether you are an occasional camper who wants to buy the essential equipment without breaking the bank or a camper determined to invest in all the luxury you can afford for a real glamping holiday, these two Multimat ranges have the best products for you.


Our Camper range of foam, self-inflating and inflatable mats, come in different thicknesses and different widths including doubles and some are among the cheapest on the market.


Our Premium range of foam and self-inflating mats are aimed at those wishing for luxury camping or “glamping” and at backpackers who want as much comfort as they can carry.