Multimat has for many years been a regular sponsor of expeditions all over the globe and our Expedition sleeping mats have become the first choice of those venturing to some of the harshest climates and most difficult terrains on Earth.

The mats in our Expedition camping mats range are designed and manufactured specifically for durability on unsupported expeditions and offer the precise balance of weight reduction, compactness and warmth required in different circumstances. As such, they can be used alone or as part of an integrated sleep system and regularly feature in expeditions to places as cold as the Poles or with the huge temperature ranges of sun-baked deserts.

The foam mats in our Expedition sleeping mats range not only provide an extra layer of thermal insulation which is vital in such places but also provide an extra layer of protection when used underneath our self-inflating mats. We offer different sizes, including compact, extra-large and extra-thick and they all come with eyelets and webbing attached.

The self-inflating mats in the range also provide a choice of size and thickness and are designed to provide a “warm-zone” in the core area while minimising the mat’s weight. They are tough with non-slip, water-repellent base layers and superfast valves for rapid inflation and deflation. The anti-bacterial layer inside the mat has also been formulated to work in low temperatures to stop potentially destructive bacteria should you inflate by mouth.

With a microfibre-lined stuff sack doubling as a luxury pillow case, we think we’ve covered all the bases with our superb Expedition camping mats.