Our Trekker sleeping mats are also known as our Trekker all seasons range because they are designed for use all year-round in all but the harshest conditions. The Trekker sleeping mats’ range features both foam and self-inflating mats.

The foam mats are made from high quality cross-linked Polyolefin foam to provide strength and durability alongside warmth and comfort. These three foam mats are light and compact enough to be easily packed and carried and are consequently popular with backpackers and groups such as scouts, guides and other youth organisations. The Trekker self-inflating mats are also made from tough and durable materials. The quality, high-insulation and high-rebound Polyurethane foam core not only ensures warmth and full and fast inflation but also lasting performance so you will get real value for money from your mat.

They have a TPU membrane to provide an air-tight seal and a tough polyester top and base layer to resist tears and punctures. The three self-inflating mats in the range are each supplied with a stuff sack to make it easy to pack and carry them, retaining bands to help keep them tightly rolled and a repair kit.

The balance between size and comfort is a key decision for many campers and the Trekker sleeping mats range provides you with a great choice of thicknesses. If you are looking for a good quality, durable mat you can use all year round, the Trekker all seasons range is a great place to start.