advance camp

There are only two mats with specifications set in our Advance Camp sleeping mats range; the foam Ice Mat 14 and the self-inflating Ice Mat 100. However, we usually custom-make these mats - used by professional, supported expeditions - to our customers’ specifications. That said, we have plenty of experience ourselves and our customers usually tap in to our expertise too.

Our Advance Camp mats are used in extreme conditions and their purpose is, of course, to provide the ultimate in warmth and comfort, ensuring you are fully rested. The needs of supported expeditions are different from others, most notably in that they have far less need for weight reduction, so we are able to produce these mats with maximum comfort in mind. But supported expeditions can last many months and so we must also ensure durability of our Advance Camp sleeping mats. 

The two Ice Mats illustrate what can be achieved. The Ice Mat 14 is made in Britain from premium-quality EVA polyolefin foam. It is extra-wide - a full 1 metre - as well as extra-long so that when used underneath a self-inflating mat it comfortably ensures total protection for the self-inflating mat. The self-inflating Ice Mat is also longer and wider than most but it is the ample 100mm thickness that gives it a superb TOG value of more than nine. With Velcro strips so they can be joined together and extra-tough non-slip bases, the mats are quite simply made to cope with extreme conditions.

If you’re planning a supported expedition we’d suggest you contact us first and discuss your specific needs and how our Advance Camp mats could be of use to you. Call us on 01685 350011 or email us