We provide a host of sleeping mat accessories for campers to ensure they have everything they need to use their mat as easily and effectively as possible. Multimat’s camping mat accessories include stuff sacks for carrying them in – and once again our attention to detail provides a useful innovation; a stuff sack with a fleece lining that can double as a wonderful pillow. We provide retaining bands and straps with many of our mats anyway but there are more available should you lose one. And, covering all eventualities, we provide puncture repair kits with all inflatable and self-inflating mats and spares can also be bought.

We also put our knowledge of foam mats to good use to produce a unique range of camping mat accessories - small, foam “sit mats” called Kumfies including one you can fold up and slip into a back pocket of your jeans. And for backpackers who want to stop and sit in comfort, we’ve designed the ultimate sleeping mat accessories - chair converters that allow you to take your self-inflating Multimat and turn it into a comfortable cushioned chair with a strong, supportive, cushioned back.

We think anyone buying a mat from us should take time to look through our accessories to see what else could be of use to them. Be prepared, as the Scouts say!