Ice Mat 14 XXL

Ice Mat 14 XXL



Range Advance camp
Type Foam
Code CM-AC014XXL
Size 1950x1000x14mm (XXL)
Weight 955g
Season Rating 5
Tog Value 3.63
Compactness 1000x250mm
Colour Purple
  • Soft and strong premium-quality EVA polyolefin foam for extra durability
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Extra wide for complete protection when used in conjunction with a self-inflating mat
  • 2x camlock buckled straps
  • Component temperature tolerance: -70oC to +75oC

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Size 1950x1000x14mm (XXL)


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The Ice Mat 14 is unique in our range of foam sleeping mats in that it’s not designed to be moved around. Instead, it is designed for the relative stability of Base Camp.

Here, durability, warmth and comfort are more important than weight reduction or compactness. And so it takes on several unique features, such as being six inches longer than a standard mat and a full one metre wide to ensure full protection when used as an under layer for a self-inflating mat.

At 14mm it is thicker than any other mat you’ll find at altitude and its toughness needs firm handling, so we provide a couple of camlock straps to reign it in when the time finally comes to break camp and head back down the mountain.

If you’re looking for extra-large foam mats, we think you’ll agree that Multimat’s Ice Mat 14 is uniquely qualified.