Extreme 12 XL

Extreme 12 XL



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Range Expedition
Type Foam
Code CM-EU012XL
Size 1850x575x12mm (XL)
Weight 450g
Season Rating 5
Tog Value 3.17
Compactness 575x180mm
Colour Gold
  • Premium-quality Physically cross-linked Evazote polyolefin foam
  • Eyelets and lightweight attached webbing
  • Component temperature tolerance: -70oC to +75oC

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Size 1850x575x12mm (XL)


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As a leading supplier of sleeping mats for expeditions to the most hostile environments on Earth, Multimat’s Extreme 12 XL sleeping mat has a remarkable track record.

This extra-large foam expedition mat is a fundamentally important piece of kit which explorers from the Poles to the Himalayas depend upon for their very survival.

Many of the features, such as fitted eyelets and webbing, have been adopted by our other ranges of mat but the Extreme 12 XL’s design has been fine-tuned through feedback from countless expeditions to produce the optimum balance of weight-reduction, compactness and warmth.

It is usually used in combination with other self inflating sleeping mats to produce a reliable and practical sleeping system tailor made for specific expeditions.

While the Extreme 12 XL is one of the most widely used extra-large foam expedition mats readily available, we’re always happy to discuss the best options with people planning expeditions.