Embroidered Elasticated Bands (pair)

Embroidered Elasticated Bands (pair)



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Range Accessories
Size Fits mats up to 180mm diameter
Weight 10g
Colour Black, Lilac


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These Embroidered elasticated bands not only look good – they have an important job to do.

Whenever you’re hiking, backpacking or travelling with your mat, you need to keep it tightly rolled and these decorative sleeping mat bands are perfect for the job.

Although they’re strong and durable they can get damaged or lost making it awkward to carry and even risking damage to your mat. Carrying a spare set of Multimat’s Embroidered Elasticated Bands would stop the problem becoming a crisis and you’ll not notice any extra weight.

Or just keep a spare pair of decorative sleeping mat bands at home so you’ll always be ready to get up and go when the opportunity arises.