Compact Kumfie® sit-mat

Compact Kumfie® sit-mat



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Range Accessories
Code KM11
Size 385x290x6.5mm
Weight 40g
Colour Blue, Green, Red, MoD
  • Manufactured from waterproof closed cell foam
  • Tough and durable
  • Comfortable and thermally insulating
  • Easy to clean


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An excellent piece of kit.
Compact and lightweight, so useful, especially in winter trekking when you need so sit on the cold ground.

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was given this sit-mat and take it hiking, light weight and compact. Fits great in my day pack. nice to have something to sit on the cold and sometimes wet ground.

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Excellent weightless addition to stuff in a rucksack wand pocket and the fold makes them so useable. Great to kneel on for adjusting laces, checking maps etc. After losing a couple to the wind I've taken to taping up a corner, punching a hole and tying a light lanyard that attaches back to my pack (so easy to stand up and watch them blow away otherwise!). If they came with a grommet or a tie in loop I'd give them 6 stars :o)

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We bought 2 of these when in UK last year and take them on all our day walks. They've just been around Australia. The seats are are light, comfortable and good for sitting on wet/hard/rough surfaces so we use them at our morning tea and lunch spots.

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Best thing ever. You can sit on a block of ice and be warm with one of these. Neatly folds and light as a feather. Have given to all my friends.

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Super handy little lightweight and waterproof sit mat, ideal for walks, hikes or family picnics. And as we're all spending outdoors, ideal for the times we're in. I keep spares at home and one in every rucsac. Really useful gift.

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Sit-mats are an excellent accessory for backpackers and campers but the Compact Kumfie sit-mat is particularly useful for ramblers and walkers too because it is a small sit-mat that folds up to 290 x 95 x 28mm and can be slipped into a pocket.

Unfolded, it provides an excellent sitting area of almost 15ins x 15ins and is made durable foam so that even though it is 6.5mm thick it is strong enough to last and still provides a warm, dry cushion for you to sit on.

Like the other sit-mats in the range, it is made from waterproof and non-absorbent foam so it will keep you warm and dry while providing a comfortable cushion when you sit down - even on a wet surface.

If you are after a small sit-mat, the Compact Kumfie sit-mat won’t let you down.