Adventure 7 XL

Adventure 7 XL



Range Adventure
Type Foam
Code CM-A4007XL
Size 1850 x 575 x 7mm (XL)
Weight 260g
Season Rating 4
Tog Value 1.95
Compactness 575 x 150mm
Colour Gold
  • Soft strong Evazote physically cross-linked polyolefin foam
  • Eyelets and lightweight attached webbing
  • Component temperature tolerance: -70oC to +75oC

Size Guide

Size 1850 x 575 x 7mm (XL)


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Like its smaller brother, the Multimat Adventure XL is aimed at those who need to travel light globally but this is an extra-large foam backpacking mat for those who need more space to get a good night’s sleep.

But that additional space isn’t provided by extra length (which would also add to the thickness of the mat when rolled up), instead it is provided by making the mat three inches wider which not only provides a larger sleeping area but also leaves the rolled mat less bulky and easier to pack.

Despite being 15% bigger, its suitability for year-round camping, its strong materials and its built-in eyelets and lightweight webbing for quick packing means it is still very popular with lightweight camping enthusiasts and those taking part in competitive outdoor events.

If you are looking for an extra-large foam backpacking mat that remains light while providing the comfort you need for a good night’s sleep, you should certainly consider the Mutimat Adventure XL.