Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about Multimat and our foam, self-inflating and inflatable sleeping mats.

Why is my mattress loosing pressure/firmness overnight ? The mattress pressure will drop if the temperature drops from the level where it was inflated, this is due to linear expansion of air i.e 20oC is roughly equivalent to 9% so if you inflate during the heat of the day then you will expect a small drop of pressure by early morning.   

Why is my mattress deflating overnight ? It could be that the valve is not firmly closed allowing air to escape, it could be that the mattress has a small puncture, it could be that the 'O' ring located inside the valve cap has become unseated causing a loss of air..

How do I find the location of a leak ? We recommend that you fully inflate the mattress, close the valve/s and submerge in to a bath of water (folding the mattress to give extra pressure) slowly inspect the top and base surface including the valve area - escaping air bubbles will identify the problem area - once identified it should be possible to make a simple puncture repair following the guidelines supplied with the repair kit - if the air is found to be coming out of the end of the valve then it could be that the 'O' ring inside has become dislodged - if this is the case then fully open the valve - once fully open pull the valve cap over the lip and re-seat the 'O' ring and re-fit the cap, which will snap over the lip and in to place - If the 'O' continues to become unseated then you may wish to add a drop of superglue to hold in place.

How do I repair a puncture ?

1. Apply a drop of adhesive to the puncture.
2. Wait 2 hours then submerge the mattress, applying gentle pressure and check that air bubbles are no longer escaping.

1. Clean the surface around the cut or tear.
2. Spread a contact adhesive onto the cut or tear.
3. Wait 2 hours then spread adhesive onto the repair patch.
4. Allow a few minutes to air-dry.
5. Press the patch onto the cut or tear ensuring it is completely covered.
6. Allow a minimum of 4 more hours before inspection.

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