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Pole of Possibility, Training in Norway

14th January 2013 by Multimat
PoP training in Norway, Xmas tree foreground Karen background 14.1.13

While we at Multimat enjoyed a fairly lazy Christmas/New Year, Karen Darke and the Pole of Possibility team had other plans!

In preparation for their 2013 Antarctic challenge, the team traveled to Norway to test themselves and their gear in the cold on snow and ice.  Check out Karen's recent blog posts for more information about how they got on.

We are very pleased to be supporting Karen Darke and the Pole of Possibility team on their 1000km journey from the edge of the Antarctic continental shelf to the Geographical South Pole, and were delighted to hear that the tent underlay they selected kept them comfortable and warm in Norway.

PoP training in Norway, team skiing 14.1.13

What’s makes this expedition unique and extraordinary, is that one of the team of four is paralysed. Never before has a paraplegic attempted a challenge so physically and mentally demanding, which makes this challenge simply incredible.

The team's challenging fundraising target is £1 million for The Back-Up Trust. The Back-Up Trust is a dynamic national UK charity that transforms lives after spinal cord injury.  For more information on the incredible work carried out by the trust visit http://www.backuptrust.org.uk

The issues associated with paralysis bring extra dimensions of challenge to the journey; Lack of sensation and inability to regulate body temperature mean special clothing and techniques will be needed to reduce the risk of frostbite or cold injuries. As basic bodily functions are impaired, maintaining personal hygiene and health in the extreme Antarctic environment will a significant challenge.

Good luck to the team with their preparations!  We'll feature more news from them during the coming months.


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