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There’s nothing like a Multimat when you’re dog tired

13th March 2015 by Multimat
Gary Rolfe

Arctic adventurer Gary Rolfe, has confessed he can’t stand beds and sleeps every night on Multimat sleeping mats.

Gary, who describes himself as “…an expedition dog musher …” lives in Ittoqqortoormiit, one of the most remote inhabited places on Earth which is in eastern Greenland’s High Arctic.

Here he keeps around 25 Greenland dogs – a type of working dog bred in Greenland for more than 900 years for pulling sleds.

In a recent blog posting, Gary says that having shunned the bed he owned in his 20s he now likes to “sleep on the floor like a dog” whether he’s at home or travelling.

“I love the cold but hate being cold - that's why I've used Multimat sleeping mats for 15 years and would use no other,” he adds.

You can find out more about the extraordinary Gary Rolfe on his website at


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