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Superlite Air

9th January 2012
Superlite Air GR20 Corsica May 2012, Trek & Mountain IMG_6223 Superlite Air ‘so small and light you wouldn’t know it was there’   A new ultra-light mattress which rolls up smaller than a packet of biscuits is being launched by Multimat.   Weighing in at just 300g the Superlite Air is one of the lightest full-sized inflatable camping mats in the world but rolls up to just 240mm x 60mm which also makes it one the most compact mats available.   Remarkably, given its weight and rolled-up size, the Superlite Air provides a full-length (1830mm x 490mm) mattress that’s 70mm thick to enable a welcome cushion between campers and the cold hard ground.   It’s aimed at lightweight backpackers, bike-packers and people taking part in competitive outdoor challenges who want to save as much weight and space as possible without compromising on comfort.    Multimat managing director Adrian Stammers said: “We’ve used different materials to make it much lighter – so small and light you wouldn’t know it was there. Unlike several other manufacturers, we haven’t reduced the surface area of the mat to make it lighter – this is a full-sized product. Neither have we compromised on its strength and durability. In fact we’ve done just the opposite.   Instead of using polyester, as we have in the past, the Superlite Air uses rip-stop nylon, which is considerably stronger, and we’ve increased the air-tight TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) membrane by 50% to give it more durability too.It’s aimed at anyone who wants to cut down weight and space needed for their kit. We don’t know of a lighter full-sized mat and we’re delighted with it.   The Multimat Superlite Air, which comes complete with stuff sack and repair kit, retails at just £60 and will be available from Blacks, Millets, Cotswold and other leading stores from spring 2012.

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