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Supercyclist Zenda (and his Multimat) completes 30,000km trek

8th September 2015

Congratulations to the amazing Zenda Kwok who has successfully completed a 30,000km cycle ride from the UK to Hong Kong, equipped with just a bike, a bivvy bag and a Multimat Summit XL.

His epic trek aimed to highlight climate change and raise money for Unicef and took him via the Arctic Circle, Afghanistan, Tibet and Japan, through war zones, over Himalayan peaks and through some of the most inhospitable places on Earth.

And throughout his epic trip, Zenda tried not to spend any money on food or shelter, relying instead on the kindness of local people and his Multimat Summit XL.

Some amazing stats from his journey:
• His journey took him through 33 countries and took 23 months, in which time he cycled 30,050km
• He spent less than €800 (of his own money) on food and none on restaurants, hotels, hostels or campsites
• He spent five days in prison and at one stage went 100 days without a warm shower
• He got through five cameras and three solar panels, had 20 punctures in his bike tyres (not his Mutimat!)
• He endured temperatures as high as 59°C and as cold as -17°C
• He has so far raised more than HK$50,000 (US $6410) for Unicef

Multimat MD Adrian Stammers said: “This is one of the most remarkable feats of endurance I have encountered. It speaks volumes about the human spirit and the character of Zenda. We wish him well and hope we can support him again in any future challenges he takes on.”


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