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NEW Adventure 4 XL Folding Sleep Mat

8th August 2019

Multimat Adventure mats - designed for global backpacking - are light, durable and compact.

This new addition to the range was originally developed with the needs of the parachute regiment in mind. A robust, lightweight, waterproof, folding sleep mat it is ideal for storage in rucksack/bergen and has been introduced to the 2020 Multimat range in response to interest from military and adventure focused retailers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking an ultra-durable, compact mat to provide an essential layer of insulation and protection from the ground.

When not in use for sleeping, the carefully designed mould pattern allows for various folding configurations to create a protective pad of optimum size and thickness for resting, sitting, kneeling or for extra rucksack padding.

Measuring 1850 x 555 x 4mm (open), 380 x 275 x 40mm (packed) and weighing 530g, the Adventure 4 XL Folding Sleep Mat is available now through selected stockists - for details contact

Thicker options; original foam, inflatable and self-inflating mats, all designed for minimum weight/bulk and maximum durability, are also available in the Adventure range.

Contact Details

Beacons Products Ltd.
Unit 10, EFI Industrial Estate
Brecon Road
Merthyr Tydfil CF47 8RB
South Wales UK
+44 (0) 1685 350011


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