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Multimat wins British Army contract for 80,000 mats

27th September 2010
Army Mat CM-EUA010XXL MoD flat

Leading camping mat manufacturer Multimat has won the contract to supply the MoD with 80,000 camping mats over four years.

The South Wales-based company is delivering the first shipment to the MoD in October.

The mats, which will be used by the British Army, all come from Multimat’s Expedition range of closed cell foam mats.

Managing Director Adrian Stammers said: “We have nearly 25 years experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying top quality camping mat for different users in different conditions from family camping to polar exploration.

“The Expedition Army Mats we’re supplying to the MoD are very tough, rugged and compact. They have a temperature range of between -60ºC to +60ºC enabling them to function in any environment and making them eminently suitable as standard British Army issue all over the world. They have been tried and tested in the most demanding operational conditions and have passed with flying colours.”

Army Mat CM-EUA010XXL eyelet closeup The Expedition Army Mats are 100% British manufactured, using unique, ultra-durable, premium-quality, physically cross-linked polyolefin foam. They have a tog value of 2.6, making them suitable for use all the year round.

They measure 1900mm x 600mm x 10mm and weigh 550g. When rolled up they measure 600mm x 170mm and, with two eyelets built into the mats and lightweight webbing attached, they can be simply restrained making them easy to carry.

Multimat has supplied sleeping mats to the British Army in the past, as well as providing mats for other armed services around the world including the Irish and the Dutch armies. Multimats have also been the choice of many international teams heading for the Earth’s frozen extremities including the Caudwell Xtreme Everest Expedition in 2007 and the Kaspersky Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition earlier this year.

“We know our products are highly regarded by the professionals who use them and we’re used to receiving orders from high-profile international expeditions but winning such a major order from our own British armed forces is a fantastic endorsement and everyone at Multimat is delighted,” said Adrian Stammers.

“The British Army does a tremendously difficult job and deserves all the help we can give them and so it’s also very reassuring that they are getting the best kit available.”

The same Expedition Army Mats supplied to the British Army in MoD khaki colour, are also available to the public for around £33.80.

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