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Multimat wins Army contract

30th April 2015
Army Mat CM-EUA010XXL MoD ang_packed

Multimat has won an order to supply sleeping mats to the Ministry of Defence for the next four years.

In that time, we will supply more than 70,000 foam and self-inflating mats worth more than half a million pounds.

The order is for 69,000 foam mats and 2,200 self-inflating mats, all made to the MoD’s own specifications.

The foam army mat is designed to meet the requirements of toughness and comfort in unsupported operations around the world, from the frozen poles to the hottest deserts.

It is 600mm wide x 1900mm long, making it four inches longer and four inches wider than a standard full-sized sleeping mat to provide a larger sleeping area. The 10mm thick foam produces a Tog value of 2.82 to provide vital thermal protection and cushioning from the cold, hard ground.

The foam army mat has been carefully constructed from premium quality, physically cross-linked polyolefin foam and also has eyelets and lightweight webbing attached and. Known simply as Multimat’s Nato Mat, the mat is now available commercially too.

The self-inflating mats have been designed to meet the operational needs of the British armed forces in the 21st century. Here, cushioning, thermal insulation, weight and compactness are balanced with toughness, reliability and durability. A non-slip and water proof outer layer ensures the mats stay dry and are easy to sleep on.

In recent conflicts, the temperatures mats have had to cope with have ranged from freezing at night to more than 45ºC during the day.

Multimat MD Adrian Stammers said: “These mattresses have to face extreme conditions so we test them for ‘cold crack’ by conditioning them at -25ºC for 10 days and then actually hitting them with hammer before inspecting for cracks. The mats must remain uncracked to pass.

“And they will inevitably be subjected to some pretty rough treatment once they are in the field. They may be inflated in cold night air which then expands 16% in the heat of the day before a 200lb soldier with his full kit comes back to camp and slumps on it.

“Few mats, if any, would be able to withstand with the sort of pressures produced internally. But, after extensive tests, we’re happy that the self-inflating mat we have developed for the MoD is able to cope with these tough conditions. This mattress is built to withstand three times this pressure at 4.3PSI while remaining light and compact enough to do the job they’ve been ordered for.”


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