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Locking the valve on my multimat

2nd August 2012 by Multimat
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To lock valve

When the mat has been inflated, turn the valve fully and firmly clockwise. You will feel a resistance as the valve reaches the locked position and the cap will remain in position when released. Take care not to over-tighten the valve.


Bought a pair of multimat 75s last year and they worked brilliantly, VERY comfortable, but one has a valve stuck closed after leaving it closed over winter. Roll up the mat, strap and bag it, then UNDO the valve, the straps hold it in place. Don't know if i can free the valve without damage, and I've lost the receipt, even ifits still in waranty.

Posted by tim holland

The valve seems to have got unstuck and now works ok as far as i can see, having left it unscrewed and stored for 48 hrs. Is there anything I can do to lubricate the valve, to keep it free moving? Please?

Posted by tim holland

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