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Inflating my self-inflating multimat

27th July 2012 by Multimat
3 seasons pg4

To inflate

Remove mat from the stuff sack. Turn the valve(s) anti-clockwise to the open position. Holding the mat with both hands at the valve end, shake the mat several times to unroll and eliminate folds. Please note, on first use you may have to inflate and deflate the mat on two or three occasions to achieve optimum inflation speed.

When the mat has inflated turn the valve(s) clockwise to the locked position, taking care not to over-tighten. To obtain extra firmness additional air can be added by blowing through one opened valve, remembering to turn the valve to the locked position on completion.

Please note that in cold weather the mat may self-inflate more slowly. In these conditions unroll the mat and lie on it for a short period, body heat will warm the foam and aid self-inflation. Do not blow air from your mouth in to the mat at temperatures below -1ÂșC as the moisture in your breath will freeze the mattress when trekking the next day.


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