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'Superman' Henry Cavill and Neil Hodgson are 'Driven to Extremes' on the Discovery Channel, but sleeping comfortably

4th April 2013 by Multimat
Action hero actor Henry Cavill, star of the new Superman film ‘Man of Steel,’ and world superbike champion, Neil Hodgson, take on the Taklamakan Desert, northwestern China - 9pm April 6th, Discovery Channel.

Summer temperatures are a staggering 50 degrees Celsius. The duo must cross 470 miles of the largest shifting sand desert in the world, from Hami to Urmqi, where water is as scarce as life. One mistake and you will be stranded; one misjudgment of speed and the car rolls; among the scorching dunes, there is no rescue.

Expedition leader Mac Mackenny of Max Adventure ensured the teams tackling the Russian Cold, Chinese desert heat and Malaysian jungle humidity slept well, by kitting them all out with Summit XL and Summit 25/38 Multimats.

Driven to Extremes, Discovery Channel (Max Adventure)Taklamakan Desert, China 1

Part endurance test and part travelogue, Driven to Extremes sees Academy Award winner, Adrien Brody, British actor, Tom Hardy, and action hero, Henry Cavill take on the harshest terrains - and there's no stunt doubles or computer animated visual effects to help them out here! 

Joining the adventurous actors are former Finnish Formula One driver, Mika Salo, and former British and world superbike champion, Neil Hodgson. 

From a plummeting minus 50 degrees Celsius in freezing Russia, to over 50 degrees Celsius in sweltering China and in the exceptionally wet Malaysian jungle at the height of the monsoon season, Driven to Extremes will push these celebrity petrol heads and their cars, to the limit.

For more information visit Driven to Extremes.


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