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Couples camping keep warm with double sleeping mats

1st September 2015
Camper Double 75 CMSI-C3075DBL Sea Blue_Charcoal flat

Now the school holidays have ended, camp sites at home and abroad are filling up with a different sort of clientele: gone are the families, back to school and back to work, to be replaced by couples of all ages, seeking a little more peace and tranquillity than the crazy days of mid-summer could offer.

For some couples camping, September is the last chance to get away together into the fresh air and relax before nights become too cold. For others there may be romance, the thought of chilly night air merely drawing them closer together under layers of warm bedding.

But it’s not just the night air that’s cold: the ground is too. So choosing the right sleeping mat will make all the difference, whether you’re seeking romance or rest. And the perfect options here are double sleeping mats where you and your loved one can snuggle up together without one of you getting the cold patch between two single mats.

At Multimat, we offer several different double sleeping mats, all at affordable prices and all offering a good night’s sleep with plenty of room for two.

Our foam double-mat is the Camper 8. It features in our entry-level range and retails at around £35. It provides a comfortable 8mm cushion of quality foam between you and the cold, hard ground, making it suitable for spring, summer and autumn camping trips.

At 1500mm wide (nearly five feet) it is three-times as wide as our standard mats but it is also slightly longer than most mats, at 1850mm (six feet), so you’ll have plenty of room to sleep in comfort.

For such a big mat, it may surprise you that it weighs just 560g (1lb 4oz) and rolls up to just seven inches thick, with the restraining bands provided, so you can pack it easily in the car.

Couples camping should also consider the two self-inflating mats we offer: the Camper 25 Double and the Camper 75 Double (pictured above), the main difference being the thickness of the mats - 25mm and 75mm respectively.

Again, both mats feature in our entry level Camper range and are a steal at just £35 and £65 rrp. They are built to last and can take some punishment too, so unsurprisingly weigh more than the foam mat at 3kg and 4.7kg each.

The smaller mat is nearly 2.5x the width of the standard mat at 4ft 3ins wide and more than six feet long to provide a welcome sleeping area and a 2.5cm cushion of air and warm foam to sleep on. It can be rolled up to just 2ft 3ins long and 7.5ins thick and also comes in a stuff sack for easy packing.

Its big brother provides the same sleeping area but, at three inches thick, it is one of the thickest camping mats ever produced! Yet it still self-inflates both quickly and fully and it rolls up to just 2ft 3ins long and less than 12ins thick into its stuff sack.

As the name suggests, these mats are designed to self-inflate as you unroll them so you can save your breath for those gentle whispers long into the night. And they are both designed with a fold down the middle which allows them to fold into a thicker single mattress option … should you whisper the wrong thing and events take a turn for the worse! 

Who then gets the mat and who gets the cold hard ground, we’ll leave that up to you.


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