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1st August 2015

Choose the right sleeping mats for family camping

With the summer holidays upon us, children up and down the country will be getting a taste of the great outdoors and, for some, that will mean their first ever family camping trips.

Many parents will have camped when they were children but regardless of their own wistful memories, one thing’s for sure: you’ll need to make this experience a positive one for your children if you’re going to enjoy more family camping holidays in future.

Nights under the stars, telling stories, all the family together without the interruption of TVs or computer games … it’s a wonderful way to bring everyone together but it needs planning and consideration to make sure it all goes smoothly - whatever the weather throws at you.  

Probably the most important challenge is to get a good night’s sleep so you can enjoy your time together and have plenty of energy to seize the following day. To do this, you need to introduce some camping comfort  and the key to this is putting some cushioning and some thermal insulation between you and the cold, hard ground. And the best way to do that is with sleeping mats.

Sleeping mats - sometimes called camping mats - come in three different forms: foam, self-inflating and inflatable. In addition to that they have many different features for different sorts of camping - well, you wouldn’t expect someone climbing up Everest to use the same mats as a family camper, would you?

At Multimat, we have been making mats for families (and Everest climbers too!) since the early 1980s and we know what you need to sleep well night after night. So let’s start at the beginning.

If you’re uncertain about whether or not your family will enjoy camping, consider our Camper range of mats.

These are our entry-level mats and are among the cheapest on the market but they are well-made and won’t let you down when you most need them.

The next step up, however, is our Premium range which are made of top quality materials and bring a touch of glamping to the great outdoors. They are designed for comfort rather than lightness or toughness but they are so comfortable you could sleep outdoors at any time of year on them. Not only do we offer extra thickness here for increased comfort but also extra sleeping area too for larger adults - and for older children that just won’t stop growing!

Both ranges include foam, self-inflating and inflatable mats. Foam are the most widely used. The foam Camper mats start with standard models large enough for an adult to sleep on. They come in different thicknesses too.

The self-inflating models have the advantage of putting a layer of air between your body and the ground in addition to heat-insulating foam which can make for an even more comfortable night’s sleep.

With inflatable mats, however, you just sleep on a pillow of air for real comfort. They are made from tough and rip-resistant materials that can be used thinly enough to make an incredibly light and compact piece of kit.

But size and weight are not such an issue if you’re not planning on carrying your gear around with you. If you are carrying your gear in a car or camper van, you could go for something bigger and bulkier designed with pure comfort in mind.

Our unique Foamsie® Profile Mattress in the Camper range is a thick sleeping mattress that is perfect for anyone demanding real comfort when camping. Not only is it extra-long (1850mm) and extra-wide (550mm) but also extra-thick at 45mm, providing a welcome soft cushion with a unique ripple pattern for additional comfort.

You may also consider our three double mats; the Camper 8 is a foam mat and the Camper 25 and Camper 75 self-inflating mats, the latter being a full three inches thick. All are full length and twice the width of a standard sized mat which makes them great for mum and dad … and when little ones decide to snuggle up in the morning too.

In the Premium range, the most luxurious mat is our Comfort XXL self-inflating model which is both extra-wide and extra-long. The top layer is also brushed for a non-slip, softer, warmer surface. And the fleece-lined stuff sack doubles as a soft pillow cover too - luxury our family glampers really appreciate.

And for the finishing touches, you can add Multimat inflatable cushions and pillows, made with the same attention to detail as our mats to ensure a great night’s sleep.

It’s worth bearing in mind that most of the time you spend in a tent will be sleeping, so give your family the best chance of a good night’s sleep. Getting the right camping mats now could mean their first trip becomes the start of a life-long adventure.


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